Big-Fat Weddings in Rajasthan

Big-Fat Weddings in Rajasthan

Truly Big-Fat Weddings in Rajasthan are big fat by elegance, local culture’s glimpse and an amalgamation of latest trends and not necessarily money!

  1. Big-Fat Weddings in Rajasthan are aspired by all, to-be married couples in the world
  2. These weddings are more of celebration of culture and today’s cultural shifts as well
  3. Weddings can be Big-Fat weddings by also not being overgenerous with the money 

How we all wished that, we all could take the plunge and be listed in the couples who went for Big-Fat-Weddings and wait a minute, Big Fat Wedding in Rajasthan. For some Big fat wedding is the only option and for some it is a dream which may not be fulfilled ever. If it is your dream, wait a minute we will help you fulfil, Big fat weddings with all the possible means you have. Sounds good, isn’t itJ.Let us take you through how to execute Big fat weddings in Rajasthan like a pro. Not to mention the Big Fat weddings of all the ranges happen only with the services of a wedding planner, again obvious wedding planner in Jaipur.

Big-fat weddings in Rajasthan

Thematic wedding decor in a big fat wedding in Jaipur


Destination weddings in Rajasthan

Neat portrayal of wedding theme in a wedding decor

 The first and the foremost is fixing the date, after which venue sorting starts falling into place. Jaipur and Rajasthan have lots of palaces, big palace, small palace, palace look alike hotels, all venue varieties J,if I may say so. With wedding date fixed in advance, these venues can be booked at comparatively lower rate than the higher prices that are assumed, usually of these wedding venues. Read our blog for a detailed understanding of the wedding venues in Jaipur and Rajasthan.

After fixing up the venue, what follows is the theme ideation of the main three ceremonies,-mehendi, sangeet and wedding with your wedding planner. The meticulous ideation and planning of all the areas of the venue will help you make your wedding decor visually opulent and charming. You need to spend considerable time on the ideation part and don’t be in a hurry on this part. The props complete the theme and this part can be done only by an experienced wedding planner.

Destination wedding venues in Rajasthan

Mehendi Decor at pool side in a Big fat wedding

The other major part is food. It has to be exotic and for this read our blog at There are simple tips to be followed in food planning of a wedding, but they necessarily will make your wedding look actually class apart.

Palatial weddings in Rajasthan

Big Fat wedding decor has minimal and elegant decor

The other important wedding parts to be planned are sangeet ceremony script, sangeet choreography, sangeet lights, mehendi entertainment, wedding entertainment, bride groom entry, varmala theme. When planned in an original, culture specific and methodical manner these parts of the wedding make a Big fat wedding complete.

As wedding planners, we see Big fat weddings as more of elegance and neat portrayal of the wedding celebrations on the big day, within the means of the couple. Big-Fat weddings can also be planned as lavish as wanted by ideating it in the most creative manner, with the help of your wedding planner.


Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published: 17th November 2017


Budgeted Wedding Decor Ideas

Let us understand how we can create our dream wedding decor, in a fixed budget!

  1. Wedding decors are not always costly
  2. Customising of wedding decor will bring it within a budget. Read on how? 

In a wedding planning, wedding decoration is the least looked after aspect, the simple reason or rather assumption being that it bounds to be costly always. It gets natural to fall for this assumption as a) with ever increasing prices everywhere high costs is what we keep paying most of the times everywhere b) wedding decoration is always about big stages, splendid  backdrops, and everything that gives a grandiose looks. If you have not been to a wedding lately, just try n recall about a decent typical wedding decor which you have seen in the past. It was always about luxurious mehraabs and magnificent curtains, opulent chandeliers and basically everything that gives a lavish look to the wedding decor.

 As wedding planners we will help you understand how you can bring down the cost of wedding decoration and make it look very beautiful and elegant. (P.S.: As wedding planners, elegant is our favourite wordJ.)We are writing this blog as we fully understand that every couple getting married has a certain budget and wants the same dream wedding in that limited budget, matlab kam keemat mein zyaada ka faayada. Now with changing times, we have everything available and customised to the T for us, so why not wedding decor. The broad outline for the same is mentioned below for you.

Customise the wedding decor based on your wedding venue parameters .Few tips are:

  • Nowadays mehraabs and chandeliers have been replaced by lounges and canopies which can be smartly placed and beautifully decorated and they will be well in your budget.The look also gets accentuated with the use of lounges.
  • You can go in for minimalistic and elegant wedding decor. (Elegant againJ)The decor is not stuffing the venue with decorative props but the final look has to be aesthetically appealing, which is taken care of by the wedding planners.
  • Go for mix of natural and artificial flowers.
  • Also if you have eyes set for a wedding decor since long, but realise that it is very costly , sit with your wedding planner who knows his job as a pro and he/she will tailor it without compromising on the final wedding look and remaining well within your budget. The mainline here is hire best or an expert wedding planner , you can read here how to hire a perfect wedding planner

 Invite limited number of guests. The wedding venue required will also be small with less number of guests. The small wedding venue will entail less wedding decor cost. 

Plan your budgeted wedding decoration with your wedding planner

Budgeted wedding decoration is full of experienced innovative ideas

You can take your guests to a wedding destination, book a good looking hotel and enjoy your wedding as a holiday. Wedding destination cities /venues offer hotel options in abundance, so you can save the costs in hotel booking. The reason why we also think inviting small number of guests is simple-everybody in your surroundings, will know one day that you are married, just think over if it is so very necessary to invite each and every person you have known in your lifetime . Wedding is your personal moment that will become extremely beautiful and fulfilling when shared with your close ones. Rather than inviting 1000+ and 3000+ guests, just inviting those 150-200 important near dear ones will make your wedding a closely knitted affair with just informal interactions, gatherings, fun and no formalities, almost perfect

The above mentioned points will help you plan all the details of your wedding decor the way you always wanted it to be and also within your budget.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

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Date Published: 25th Sept 2107

What defines a  Wedding Planner  

The deep rooted understanding of sanctity of wedding moments is what defines a wedding planner & sets them apart from pack of   wedding planners available.

Wedding planner's experience & understanding will beautify your wedding

The blue sky,mountains and your wedding planner’s creativity is perfect combination for a happy wedding

Wedding planning is planning the most precious moments of a couple’s life.  The guideline for a wedding planner should be simple- this moment will never come back for bride and groom so just plan it perfectly. As wedding planners you should just see that absolute happiness on the face of bride, groom and their families is accentuated with your perfect wedding planning.  It goes without saying that the other professional responsibilities and to-do’s , a wedding planner has to follow.The very important part is coloring the blank canvas of the wedding venue with their ideation and execution of the wedding plan.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:17th May 2017

Tips on  how to plan a royal wedding decoration in Jaipur

Wedding Decoration in Jaipur should be royal, read on How to make it Majestic

  1. Jaipur being the hub of weddings boasts of really royal weddings
  2. The essence of royal weddings is depicted majorly through wedding decor
  3. Perfect ideation of royal wedding decor includes fabric, flowers, lights & other microscopic details
Wedding decoration will require wedding designing by your wedding planner

Planning a royal wedding decoration in Jaipur will require a professional wedding planner

With Jaipur being a dream destination wedding, weddings here are meant to be royal, magnificent, and classy in all aspects. It is a dream destination for the couples tying the knot as this place exudes romance with the rich heritage it carries in the form of palaces, architecture, and hospitality. Validating the rich tradition of this place, weddings in Jaipur are always royal and below are the few pointers that show how can we make them turn into royal princely weddings.

  • Wedding Decoration in Jaipur has to be extremely immaculate for the majestic feel to the wedding
  • The wedding decoration in Jaipur has to be theme based
  • Royal wedding decor themes in Jaipur are varied ranging from royal rajawada to golden red , rajputana,and many more
  • The wedding decor theme has to be incorporated in all the parts of the decoration
  • Major parts of the decor are light arrangement, floral arrangement, fabric arrangement and also all other miniscule details that go into wedding decor
  • All these details have to be ideated at the initial stage in consultation with the client
  • The details of the wedding decor have to be ideated by a professional wedding planner in Jaipur
  • The decor ideation can be a mix of traditional ,heritage theme with contemporary feel with the music as a major add-on in the background
  • Guest welcome, baraat welcome are major path breaker for a completely magnificent royal wedding

Hope this blog gives you fair idea of how to make your wedding decoration in Jaipur royal in this royal land of Rajputs.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:17th May 2017