Hilton Jaipur the coolest venue for destination wedding in Jaipur

Hotel Hilton Jaipur will offer you a complete wedding package that will quickly complete your wedding services checklist!

  1. Hotel Hilton Jaipur, part of global Hilton chain, offers prompt wedding services
  2. With all wedding services turned into checklist, wedding in Hilton Jaipur is smooth execution
  3. Hotel Hilton Jaipur offers wonderful mix of all the modern day facilities for the guests

Hotel Hilton part of the worldwide chain of Hilton hotels will offer you all the services that you require for your swift wedding preparations and planning. The Hilton hotel chain is one of the oldest in the hospitality industry and hence they know their job fully. Like true professionals, all the services offered by them are properly chalked out in advance and hence done nicely.

Wedding in Hotel Hilton Jaipur

50th Wedding Anniversary celebrations decor!


Hotels with banquet hall in Jaipur

Couple renewing their wedding vows

Hilton Jaipur also has all the venues, a banquet, pool side, rooms so you know that as a wedding host you have everything required .The only job left  for your wedding in Hotel Hilton is to put everything in an arranged manner so that it is placed perfectly for your wedding.

Hotel Hilton Jaipur

Bride groom sitting backdrop done


Wedding decoration in Hotel Hilton Jaipur

Wedding decor floral arrangements done

Very quick wedding planning tips for your wedding in Hotel Hilton. Visit the banquet and the pool side with your wedding planner as there are lot of creative inputs, which will be needed before ideation part is fixed. The entertainment part also should be finalized in advance as it is a must for any event in Hilton, Jaipur. The reason about necessarily having entertainment part in Hotel Hilton, Jaipur is that the places or the venues inside the hotel give a cool compact look and hence the entertainment performances are lot of fun here.

Destination wedding in Hotel Hilton Jaipur

Venue decor done with peach theme!


Wedding event in Hotel Hilton Jaipur

Our young and experienced operations team

Have a look at one of our wedding anniversary event done at Hotel Hilton Jaipur at https://youtu.be/mSnyE_k8cbI


Wedding at Hotel Hilton Jaipur will be a very convenient modern times wedding!


Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur


Date Published:  27th November 2017



Spinster Party -the most amazing wedding fun!

For a complete wedding fun, how do we plan Spinster Party ! Read on. 

  1. Spinster Party or Hen’s Party ,is all about crazy and adventurous themes only for bride’s team
  2. Spinster Party is THE FUN of the lifetime for bride, planning has to be perfect
  3. Spinster Party planning needs a proper planning of- theme, decor, entertainment, menu ,drinks 

Spinster Party is a pre-wedding event for bride and her close friends. Earlier, around 7-8 years back, spinster parties were much closed affairs where except the bride and her close girl gang only knew about it and they enjoyed it almost stealthily. Today with changing times and may we say gender equality coming being realised by all the sections of the society and especially women Spinster parties are being openly celebrated in weddings. It is a known fact in an Indian wedding that Spinster parties are only for the bride and her girl gang and men are allowed only after the permission of the girls.(PS:which men are also decided exclusively by the girls organizing it, no pun only fun)

Today Spinster parties are exclusively planned and are no ways any lesser parties. The reason is obvious that they are for bride & her team and they have to be great. Wedding Planners are making Spinster parties theme based. There is thematic-decor, songs, dance performances, professional performances, and last but not least men or no men are also decided by the bride and her team. All these themes are well coordinated and merged  by the wedding planner. Also don’t worry if you want, there will be no men even from the wedding planner or your party planner’s team as well, as we know how hush-hush or you can say confidential these parties are.

Plan your spinster party with your wedding planner

Girls have all the fun,most of the times!

We know why should boys have all the fun and hence wedding planners can make your this  , THE PARTY , the only pure fun party you have ever attended.

Hand over your Spinster party worries to your wedding planner and just enjoy the party moments!


Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur


Date Published: 23rd Oct 2017

pic courtesy: google.co.in