DJ, Light and Sound in a Wedding

Your Disc jockey has to play most appropriate music with good light effects to create the most happening party!  Read on how! 

  1. The entertainment part makes the party complete
  2. Well co-ordinated sound, lights and your disc jockey make the important part of entertainment
  3. Have a wedding planner professional to plan the same as they have requisite experience

    Select your Disc Jockey,sound and lights planning with your wedding planner

    Disc Jockey should be an experienced one for your The Party


DJ is the most commonly used word during wedding planning in an Indian wedding. Even the small babies of the house have an opinion about DJ and say that DJ has to be very good and he should play all the numbers that all the family members want to dance on. “Shaadi mein DJ lagwaana hai, best wala” by which they mean good music system on which they can dance. Few of them know that DJ literally means disc jockey, the person who plays music for each and every guest and host of the grand wedding .Also, we all know that without fast, foot-tapping, Bhangra, Punjabi, Bollywood, Rajasthani music- Indian weddings cannot happen. Let’s see where and how DJ completes the entertainment part of wedding complete.

  • Mehendi event of an Indian wedding, with traditional folk singers, also has bannna banni songs being played by the DJ. The song selection of the mehendi theme songs is a task of an expert DJ
  • Sangeet event has the most important requirement of DJ.DJ knows how to mix the songs, all the songs being played in the party should flow with an suitable in-between music, lights programming is also crucial to bring the overall effect that is needed in the sangeet performances. This becomes all the more important , when the bride and groom are giving their performances
  • After party of sangeet event, which we all know by the name of Dance Party has to be successful and hence DJ of your party, which you are hiring, should be an expert. Continuous flow of the music, song mixing and the mood of the guests have to be taken care by the DJ.
  • Bachelorette Party and Spinster Party , Cocktail Party have music and dance party and again DJ should be well versed with his job
  • Varmala also is theme based and requires the services of DJ
  • Bride groom entry, and last but not the least, the bride’s vidaee also has music in the background which is played by the DJ of the wedding


Disc Jockey is everywhere in an Indian wedding, though in the background scene but playing an important role in defining the beauty of your wedding event. So this is the real role and importance of DJ in Indian wedding. And certainly, we have no qualms in saying that only an experienced party planner can help you choose -a perfect disc jockey, good quality sound , lights  programming to create overall entertainment impact of your party.


Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:24th Oct 2017