Big-Fat Weddings in Rajasthan

Big-Fat Weddings in Rajasthan

Truly Big-Fat Weddings in Rajasthan are big fat by elegance, local culture’s glimpse and an amalgamation of latest trends and not necessarily money!

  1. Big-Fat Weddings in Rajasthan are aspired by all, to-be married couples in the world
  2. These weddings are more of celebration of culture and today’s cultural shifts as well
  3. Weddings can be Big-Fat weddings by also not being overgenerous with the money 

How we all wished that, we all could take the plunge and be listed in the couples who went for Big-Fat-Weddings and wait a minute, Big Fat Wedding in Rajasthan. For some Big fat wedding is the only option and for some it is a dream which may not be fulfilled ever. If it is your dream, wait a minute we will help you fulfil, Big fat weddings with all the possible means you have. Sounds good, isn’t itJ.Let us take you through how to execute Big fat weddings in Rajasthan like a pro. Not to mention the Big Fat weddings of all the ranges happen only with the services of a wedding planner, again obvious wedding planner in Jaipur.

Big-fat weddings in Rajasthan

Thematic wedding decor in a big fat wedding in Jaipur


Destination weddings in Rajasthan

Neat portrayal of wedding theme in a wedding decor

 The first and the foremost is fixing the date, after which venue sorting starts falling into place. Jaipur and Rajasthan have lots of palaces, big palace, small palace, palace look alike hotels, all venue varieties J,if I may say so. With wedding date fixed in advance, these venues can be booked at comparatively lower rate than the higher prices that are assumed, usually of these wedding venues. Read our blog for a detailed understanding of the wedding venues in Jaipur and Rajasthan.

After fixing up the venue, what follows is the theme ideation of the main three ceremonies,-mehendi, sangeet and wedding with your wedding planner. The meticulous ideation and planning of all the areas of the venue will help you make your wedding decor visually opulent and charming. You need to spend considerable time on the ideation part and don’t be in a hurry on this part. The props complete the theme and this part can be done only by an experienced wedding planner.

Destination wedding venues in Rajasthan

Mehendi Decor at pool side in a Big fat wedding

The other major part is food. It has to be exotic and for this read our blog at There are simple tips to be followed in food planning of a wedding, but they necessarily will make your wedding look actually class apart.

Palatial weddings in Rajasthan

Big Fat wedding decor has minimal and elegant decor

The other important wedding parts to be planned are sangeet ceremony script, sangeet choreography, sangeet lights, mehendi entertainment, wedding entertainment, bride groom entry, varmala theme. When planned in an original, culture specific and methodical manner these parts of the wedding make a Big fat wedding complete.

As wedding planners, we see Big fat weddings as more of elegance and neat portrayal of the wedding celebrations on the big day, within the means of the couple. Big-Fat weddings can also be planned as lavish as wanted by ideating it in the most creative manner, with the help of your wedding planner.


Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published: 17th November 2017


Why hire a Wedding Planner in Jaipur

How important it is to have a Wedding Planner for a Happy Wedding Planning in Jaipur

Read on what makes hiring a wedding planner in Jaipur, so very imperative. Why you should go for hiring the wedding planner in Jaipur and not taking the onus of the entire thing on your own. 

  1. Jaipur is dream wedding destination and hence choices are galore in wedding planning
  2. Only a wedding planner in Jaipur can easily plan A to Z of your wedding planning 
  3. You get lot of choices of professional wedding planners in Jaipur 
Is it necessary to hire a wedding planner

Wedding Planners will actually manage all your wedding , with almost everything on their shoulders

Jaipur is the in place, most fashionable place for wedding, it is the world’s wedding capital, all to be couples plan of tying the knot in this beautiful place, destination wedding is incomplete with Jaipur not on its list ….we all know about this so very well as it is almost like a common knowledge. How to go about getting your wedding done in Jaipur sounds like one herculean task to you. The quick solution that strikes is hiring a wedding planner in Jaipur and it will be smooth. The other obvious question is , what cost it will entail, and reading so much about the city we all assume, it is going to be huge.

Once you pick up the contact details of wedding planners in Jaipur and float your query, you will know that they offer meticulously planned range of wedding services vis-a-vis the budget you have for your wedding planning. The other factors that will encourage you to hire a wedding planner in Jaipur are:

  • Wedding Planning is a well developed industry in Jaipur and you will get lot of choices of professional wedding planners in Jaipur
  • There are lot of vendors available here ,which makes the wedding planning execution simpleWedding industry is born here , so the wedding planners in Jaipur know all the nitty gritties of the trade
  • You got to be in a comfort zone while organising the wedding in the wedding capital of India and world, wedding planner in Jaipur can do that for you very smoothly
  • Only a wedding planner in Jaipur and from Jaipur can help you with perfect wedding planning
  • The last but not the least and most obvious reason, you get to enjoy the wedding ,when you have been able to hire the best wedding planner

Looking into all these aspects, we are sure you definitely want to hand over the job of your wedding planning in Jaipur to a wedding planner in Jaipur and from Jaipur.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:17th May 2017