Designer wedding invites for destination wedding in Rajasthan

Wedding invite

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The journey of a dream like wedding starts with the perfect wedding invitation card. These days designer cards are the buzzword. Yet, you must have your checklist ready before you meet your card maker

  1. First visualize your wedding card and then go to step 2
  2. Step 2 is write your specifications of your wedding card
  3. Communicate these specifications to your card maker
  4. Read below to know the general tips of a good wedding invite

The first step in connecting with people for your wedding is through the wedding invitations. These make the first impression of how grand or subtle the wedding will be. Search it on Google and you will be flooded with designs and information on wedding invites. When you feel confused, reading this might help you out.

Sort out your head: You see wedding cards and you go crazy with the kind of variety available. First you need to figure out what kind of a wedding you want, big or intimate. This will determine how your card will look like. Go through the wedding invites at the card maker’s to get an idea.

Go online: These days you have the option of creating wedding invites from the comfort of your home. Scores of websites offer this service wherein you can choose theme, language, font, etc., of your wedding invite. If you wish you can also send it to your guests online! Save paper you see.  

Select the font: The kind of font you use determines the beauty of the wedding invite. Sit with the card printer and look at the kind of fonts he can use. The choices of fonts are immense so take your pick wisely.

Factor in the theme: Have you planned for a theme wedding? Make sure that theme runs through your wedding invitation card too. So, if it is a flower theme wedding, you can get the same flowers printed on the card. When the guests reach the venue they would know if the card looks so beautiful, the venue would definitely be awesome!

User friendly: Your wedding card must be user friendly which means it must not be bulky like a hardbound book. The features you want to incorporate in your card must not make it look heavy. If it is meant to be very ornate and heavy, it must have a feature wherein post your wedding, the card can be used by the guest for decorative purposes. Similarly, if the wedding celebrations would continue for days with many events planned, don’t have separate single pages for all. You don’t want the guest to open the card and run to collect all the pages scattered below.

Anu Bhambhani,Content writer

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Date Published:22nd Sept 2014


Right font for wedding invitations

Wedding invitation font

For all wedding invites neat font is the best feature

A perfect wedding invitation is the one that has beautiful calligraphy on it. Choosing the right font then should not be left on the discretion of the wedding card maker alone !

  1. Wedding invitation has to create perfect prelude to the wedding celebrations
  2. The wedding card presentation has to be more than precise
  3. Read on to see what points go in creating a perfect wedding card

The wedding date is fixed and so is the venue. Getting the wedding card invites printed comes next. Depends on what you like-an intricate looking, fancy wedding card or a sweet and simple one? You have to make the choice. Whatever be the design, you can always play with the fonts you choose for your wedding card invite.
Choices galore
This is one area where you are spoilt for choice. Right from Edwardian to Lucida to Kabel BK BT, you have so much to choose from. Here’s a tip. Whatever font you choose, make sure it reflects your wedding theme or style. If your wedding is very traditional, make it a regular font, something like English Vivace BT or Samarkan. On the other hand, if it is a modern wedding, choose a font that would correspond with your style like Staccato 222BT or BankGothikLt BT.

Colour contrast
If you opt for the traditional red or maroon colour base for your wedding card, choose a contrasting colour for the font. If you use black font on red or maroon, the words may not stands out. But if you choose golden or white ink for the font, the card will brighten up with the words easily readable. Similarly, an off white or golden card will not look good with fonts in black ink. Go for red or maroon to highlight the same. Similarly, a classic white card will look good with a beautiful font in black. In the same manner, make it pink and silver or off white and pleasant purple shade.

Splash Events tip: Go for a font that is readable and looks neat. For a personal touch, you could also use a font in your native language, if available.

Anu Bhambhani,Content writer

Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

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Date Published:  17th July 2014