Dance troupe in destination weddings

Dance Troupes are only yes and yes and nothing beyond this for Weddings!

  1. Weddings are complete when dance troupe is artistically embedded in ceremonies
  2. Dance troupes in weddings make them entertainment complete
  3. Role of dance troupe in weddings should only be ideated by your wedding planner 

Dance Troupes have been part of weddings-on and off. The reasons of not including the dance troupe in weddings vary-some people feel that dance troupe will make the vibes loud, some feel that dance troupe will be unnecessary addition in  the wedding and some just don’t understand why at all dance troupes inclusion should be a point at all. Just give a thought when there are professional dance troupes they will obviously be embedded in the wedding ceremony performance acts and not highlighted in any act. The family members or friends as dancers are good but the perfect coordination needed for special moments will only be with dance troupe professionals. Dance troupes also called back up dancers, literally do complete and enhance the performers, and without them the families dancing give a feel of lonely performance.

Dance Troupes make your wedding celebrations complete

Dance Troupe in Sangeet Ceremony

Now let us just look at the wedding ceremonies where dance troupes should be included or rather are needed .Mehendi ceremony celebrations, sangeet performance, bride and groom entrance in sangeet, wedding bride groom entry, varmala theme. So almost all the important wedding ceremonies you need dance troupe.

Dance Troupes will accentuate the entertainment quotient of your wedding

Dance Troupe in weddings is a must!

How to incorporate the dance troupe in all these ceremonies is work of a wedding planner. With the vast amount of experience the wedding planners know how to ideate the songs, the dance moves, the timing, and even the exit of the dance troupes. Though dance troupes also have experience but the performers are very young and are purely dance enthusiast.The experience of what and how to perform in a wedding is possible only through the experience of a wedding planner.

You will be more than happy to have a dance troupe in your wedding when you follow all the above mentioned tips. Go for dance troupe in your wedding and you will be more than pleased.

Author-Rishi Singh

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Date Published: 17th Nov 2017


Indian wedding ceremony-vinayak nimantran

Vinayak Nimantran is inviting Lord Ganesha for the ceremonious wedding celebrations! Read on how to invite Lord Ganesha?

  1. Vinayak Nimantran is going to a temple and offering the wedding invitation card there
  2. Vinayak Nimantran gives faith that all of the wedding will be great forever

Vinayak Nimantran is a tradition in Indian Hindu weddings which wedding families swear by  , before starting off any wedding functions. Vinayak nimantran is inviting Lord Ganesha in all the wedding rituals.

Ganesh Puja is the customary wedding ceremony in Indian weddings

All flowers natural, at the foreground and background of Vinayak Nimantran

According to Hindu mythology before starting any auspicious work , the first invitation is given to Lord Ganesha to bless the work and help it run smoothly and successfully. In Hindu weddings, the first wedding invitation also is given to the Lord Ganesha and prayed that he bestows the wedding with all happiness. The bride and groom’s parents go to the temple to seek blessings from Lord Ganesha. The belief regarding Vinayak Nimantran is that Lord Ganesha has all the ridhi, siddhi which means health and wealth, and the same is seeked for the married couple from Lord Ganesha.

Vinayak Nimantran is a beautiful wedding ceremony and the beauty of it lies in the staunch faith of the couple and families performing it.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events ,The Wedding Planners

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Date Published:23rd June 2017

Baraat-band in Indian wedding

Baraat-Band has groom’s family dancing their heart and way out to welcome the bride!

  1. Baraat-Band has all traditional musical instruments which makes dance moves coming straight from heart and without any pretensions
  2. Baraat Band is necessarily pure fun

Indian weddings are incomplete without baraat processions which are all fun and entertainment with baraat bands.

We will start with the basics of baraat band -for those who are not fully aware of what makes baraat band such a perfect part of the wedding celebrations.

Baraat is a procession of all the friends and family from the groom side, with all musical instruments, songs and dance and the groom of course. This baraat processions reaches the wedding venue in all fun and celebration mode. With changing times, baraat bands have also become theme based. The look of the baraat –grand, royal or simple –is decided by the choice and taste of the couple getting married and also on the budget aspect.

Indian Baraat Band is swaying to the new and happy times ahead

Entourage of traditional musicians at the Baraat Band ceremony

Earlier times, which means in the last 15-20 years, baraat band was all about a big trolley which had lot of loudspeakers on it and a male singer singing lot of tequila songs and naagin style songs . Also, baraat band normally had 12-25 instrument players who play songs of all the eras in a coordinated manner under the supervision of the band master, on which all the baraati’s used to dance in their own unique dancing styles. In bands the new trend is also of Pipe band, in which all the members of the band play bagpiper instruments.

For those who are not fully aware of the baraati concept, baraati’s are the guests from the groom’s side who are part of the baraat procession.

The most loved baraati theme here in Rajasthan is royal Rajasthani baraat which typically has all the men as baraati’s wearing rajasthani saafa’s and dancing on rajasthani melodies. The groom in the baraat procession typically sits on a mare, or an elephant , or a buggy of horses, which was in old times used by the princes.

Baraat procession with all the dance and fun reaches the wedding venue , where the parents , family and friends of the bride welcome the guests , usually with rose petal shower .The baraat ends with the tradition of “toran maarna” by the groom.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events ,The Wedding Planners

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Date Published:23rd June 2017

Indian Wedding Ceremony-Toran

Toran is a wedding ceremony for the groom & is marked by customary Lord Ganesha’s pooja!

  1. Toran ceremony is prelude to the wedding ceremony
  2. It marks the start of good times & happiness by the groom

Toran is  a significant wedding ceremony of the groom side and  is performed on the wedding day.

Toran ceremony at Taj SMS Convention Centre

Toran maarna-Indian wedding ceremony of the groom

Toran is basically a framed Lord Ganesha’s picture, usually of a paper back and it is hanged on the entrance of the wedding venue, with all the floral and other beautiful decoration in its paraphernalia.The groom who is usually sitting on the on a mare, or an elephant with all the baraat band as his entourage, stands near the toran gate and with the stick touches the toran. This tradition is called toran-maarna and the bride side usually keeps the toran for one year and after a year or so it is kept in any temple.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events ,The Wedding Planners

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Date Published:23rd June 2017

Indian wedding ceremony-tel-baan

Tel-baan is a bride-side’s pre-wedding ritual which will make you experience a royalty!

  1. Tel-baan is getting ready as a bride from the vital level
  2. Bride prepares to look beautiful as a practice,always. Read on how?

Tel-baan marks the start of bride’s preparation of her looks on the wedding day. This is pure traditional method and brings the beauty of bride in the most glowing manner. In tel-baan the turmeric paste or haldi ubtan is used and applied on the skin of the bride, from seven days prior to the marriage. The bride is made to sit on a wooden stool also called chauki and all the women of the immediate family and bride’s friends apply the haldi ubtan on bride and sing traditional songs.

Bride's pre wedding ceremony ,Tel-baan should be nicely planned

Starting the wedding preparations in the traditional way is almost going to exotic land ,of peace

Usually in weddings in north India and specially Marwari community it is asked for how many days baan has been planned, which means how many days before the wedding the bride will start applying haldi ubtan. The tel-baan planning also indicates that from how many days before the wedding day the wedding functions will start.

This is what an ideal tel-baan is. In today’s times the number of days tel-baan is planned varies, some do it just for one day before the wedding and some do it just for an hour as a custom. You can plan according to your convenience but the outcome of tel-baan for the bride is sheer beauty, so we as wedding planners recommend it very much.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events ,The Wedding Planners

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Date Published:23rd June 2017

Indian wedding ceremony-vadhu swagat

Vadhu swagat is a formal welcome of the bride in a new home and new family

1.In Indian wedding ceremonies ,bride’s are welcomed formally by the in-laws family

2. Welcome is traditional and can be creatively done to underline the happiness of the bride

Read on to know why and how of Bride welocme!

Indian weddings have a tradition of welcoming their bride’s. Bride welcome starts with the sangeet ceremony itself. In the sangeet ceremony grooms mother through song or a dance welcomes the bride and expresses her happiness. After the wedding ceremony also once the bride reaches her husband’s place the mother of the groom welcomes the bride, her daughter-in-law.

Bride welcome should be extra special ,plan it with your wedding planner

Bride’s welcome permeates happiness everywhere

A pooja is held at the groom’s house, which is like a ceremonial celebration of the bride entering her new house. The bride is welcomed in a traditional way, with rice,roli,moli. A small vessel filled with rice is kept at the main door of the house, which is moved with the bride’s feet and all the rice spill over the entrance of the house, which is considered a happy omen for the future of the bride’s new journey. Also a broad based plate filled with water and sindoor is kept inside the house. After the bride’s first step in the house happens, the bride dips her feet in the plate and then walks inside the house, leaving the footmark dipped in sindoor in the entire house. The red color based footmarks, indicate that the bride will bring happiness, peace, prosperity in the new house , which is her husband’s.

During the bride welcome ceremony all the women of the house sing traditional wedding songs  . The elders of the family also give gifts to the bride as part of the welcome.

Author-Rishi Singh

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Date Published:23rd June 2017

Indian wedding ceremony-vidaai

Vidaee  is a just a formal adieu by the bride before going to her new home!

  1. Vidaee is not about tears in toady’s weddings
  2. Vidaee is more about celebrating the transition into a new life and a new home also

After the phera ceremony gets over, the vidaee ceremony starts. Vidaee is basically when and where the bride formally says bye to her parents home, before heading off to her husband’s house .Keeping in view the contemporary times bride says bye to her family before heading off to the place where the couple has decided to live after marriage. This ceremony basically has all the family members of the bride, parents, brothers, sisters and all the near and dear ones of the bride.

Vidaee being most valuable moment, as these moments for the bride are literally like taking steps towards another life. Naturally, the brides want these moments to be everlasting in their memory and hence the vidaee ceremony is planned in detail. The wedding planners, based on the choice of bride make the vidaee ceremony theme based. The evergreen beautiful theme is vidaee on a doli. Doli is beautifully decorated mostly with bright colors and flowers and it is picked by four family members of the bride, specifically the men and more specifically the brothers, cousins, father. The bride in the doli is dropped till the car of the newlyweds and from where the couple head to their home.


Indian wedding ceremony in which bride bids adieu to her parents home, as she is moving with her husband is named as viadee ceremony

Traditional Vidaee Doli- a small carriage ,symbolic though,in which bride is taken to her new home

With changing trends, wedding planners customize the vidaee theme as well. Marigold flowers are liked by all in the vidaee them and the symbolic , modes of transportation like auto, autorickshaw, bike, horses, buggy are used to decorate the vidaee venue. Also one point to take note of is that, today’s time vidaee is usually done based on the convenience of the couple. It could be immediately after the phera ceremony or whichever time is best convenient to the couple which could be next day as well.

As wedding planners, we would highly recommend you all to plan your vidaee ceremony extra special and you know why.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events ,The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:23rd June 2017